Morph Maternity

  Morph Maternity has taken a special place in a woman's journey through motherhood. Being the first to innovate on multiple products like feeding kurtas, leak proof nursing bras, maternity hygiene panties, Morph Maternity is a new mom's favourite.



At Adira, our mission is to be a one-stop destination for all intimate & practical needs of women & girls going through the beautiful journey of womanhood. We strive towards bringing her stylish, affordable & innovative products that are comfortable & practical.

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Pristine Life

In India, over 50 million people suffer from incontinence problem. 
Adult diapers dampens confidence.Pristine Life is a range of washable and reusable cotton and cotton blend underwear for men and women to help them claim their lives back.

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Parenting Platform

How To Tell Your Child

Fun animated series, videos, books and sessions to help parents and educators have open and non-awkward conversations with their children.

Topics such as puberty, sexual abuse are taken up in complete honestly helping children gain agency over their bodies in a positive way.

Our Story

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Deepa Kumar

Founder & CEO

Being a woman entrepreneur, Deepa is inspired by women across all socio economic and global backgrounds. Her brands, products, innovations and invention are all a result of her interest in improving quality of life for girls, women and people with vulnerabilities.

Her social project aims towards prevention of child sexual abuse across the world. 


Manufacturing Philosophy


Our Facility

While you wear the creations brought to you by YBU Brands, you will be happy to know that your choice has supported the livelihood of women from small towns and villages.

Our factories train and employ women from small towns and generate employment.


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Morph Maternity Customer

During my first pregnancy I was looking for a brand with outfits that are comfortable & look chique. When I went through Morph website, I realised it was a boon for carrying women. Not only do they have great outfits but also maternity hygiene wear and other essentials.

Morph Maternity made my journey comfortable & stylish.


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